LCD vs OLED - Value vs Quality

For sake of simplicity, I’ll just explain LCD displays vs OLED displays for iPhones.

With the introduction of the iPhone X, Apple has switched over most new iPhone models to the OLED display type.

OLED displays are:

  • Higher-quality
  • Stronger
  • Brighter
  • Have better contrast ratio than the old style LCD.

For this reason, OLED screens are more expensive. We offer LCD versions for OLED model phones as well.

LCD on left, OLED on right.

Budget vs Premium LCD

For most LCD model iPhones, we offer a Budget and a Premium LCD display. The main difference between the Budget and Premium LCD displays are:


  • Colors may appear more dull
  • Bezel (frame around the display) may slightly be bigger
  • Generally used for trade ins


  • Better color accuracy, closer to OEM
  • Stronger glass, less prone to breaking
  • Better build quality