At Premier Tech Repair, quality is everything. We offer three kinds of quality screens: Aftermarket, Premium Aftermarket, and OEM-Quality.

While all three qualities will visually look the same, there are differences that may be better suited for you, depending on how you use your phone, or how long you plan on keeping it.

Aftermarket is the most budget-friendly option, but will have the weakest breaking point, and these screens do not have the oleophobic (anti-fingerprint) coating. These screens are good if you’re either trading in your phone, or are looking for a budget repair. As of May 2020, these are now backed with a one-year warranty.

Premium Aftermarket is our best selling screen quality and has a stronger breaking point than our aftermarket screens, with the oleophobic (anti-fingerprint) coating applied. The backlight (brightness) is of a better quality manufacturer and the colors are a bit crisper than Aftermarket screens. These are the screens we primarly use. As of May 2020, these are now backed by our one-year warranty.

OEM-Quality is the best quality you can get for aftermarket parts. These are generally refurbished from previous Apple displays, so you’ll get the best color quality, and the strongest glass. These screens are backed by our limited lifetime warranty. While these may not be the cheapest screens around, they are by far the best quality, guaranteed.